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Vintage Rugs

Discover Timeless Beauty for Your Floor Welcome to Rugs n More, your Australian online treasure trove of rugs. With a broad variety of styles and sizes, we proudly offer an array of vintage rugs for sale. They're not just rugs but pieces of history that can make any room pop without costing a fortune.
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Why Vintage Rugs in Australia

An Art Piece, Not Just a Rug Vintage rugs in Australia stand out for a reason. They have:
  • Evergreen Charm:  Their rich colours and traditional designs make them fit in anywhere, from a room with old-timey charm to one with a modern twist.
  • Stories Woven In:  The floral patterns, the borders, and designs have stories from different times and places. Unlike the sharp patterns of some modern rugs, these have gentle, flowing designs.
  • A Touch of the Old World:  The slightly worn look of a vintage rug isn't a flaw; it's a feature. It gives a glimpse of times gone by, making it a bridge between the past and today.

Vintage Rugs for Sale

The Old Meets the New in Style When you pick a vintage rug  from our collection, you're getting:
  • Perfect Fit for All:  Whether your room has a modern feel, a boho vibe, or is eclectic, a vintage rug from Rugs n More can tie everything together.
  • Character and Depth:  These rugs do more than cover a floor. They bring depth, warmth, and a touch of personality to any space.
  • Quality without the Big Price:  We believe in giving you the best. Our  vintage rugs for sale  offer top-notch quality without burning a hole in your pocket.

Why Wait? Dive into History Today

Bring Stories to Your Space A vintage rug  isn't just a thing to walk on. Every time you see it and step on it, it tells a story. It is a story of old times, far-off places, craft, and beauty. With Rugs n More's collection, your home can be where these tales come alive. The mix of old designs with today's style makes every room stand out. So, why not give your room that special touch? Why not let your floor be more than just a floor? Dive into our range today.  Let your home be where the past meets the present, all in a splash of colour and pattern, the perfect vintage rugs Australia. And remember, at Rugs n More, we make sure you get the best without spending a ton. Choose a rug, lay it down, and let the stories unfold. Bring an old school classy feel to your space with our range of vintage rugs. Shop online today and save. Free shipping and AfterPay available.