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Modern Rugs

Australia's Go-To Spot for Stylish Rugs Stepping into Rugs n More is like opening a door to the trendiest rug collection in the country. Here, every piece reflects the beauty of modern design, blending the perfect mix of quality and style. As a proud Australian brand, we ensure our modern floor rugs echo the vibrant spirit of our homeland.
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Modern Floor Rugs

Our roots might have been small, but our dreams were big. Today, thanks to our amazing Aussie customers, our footprint spans across many happy homes in the country.
  • Wide Range of Designs: Our shelves are bursting with variety. Whether it's the latest bold  modern rugs online or simpler, timeless patterns, you will find your match.
  • Every Space, Every Size: From the vast living rooms to cosy reading nooks, our rugs fit perfectly everywhere, big or small.
  • Always Here to Help: Our friendly team loves talking rugs! They're always around to help you choose just the right piece for any room.

The Charm of Modern Rugs Online

Imagine a piece of art, but for your floor. That's what a modern rug is. A dash of colour, a splash of design, and a whole lot of style—that's what you get with every rug from our collection.
  • Diverse Colour Palette: Love a burst of bright red? Or a soothing shade of blue? Our  modern rug Australia collection covers the whole colour spectrum.
  • Patterns that Pop: Zigzags, swirls, lines, or dots - our designs are as diverse as our beautiful Aussie landscapes.
  • Feel & Size Just Right: From plush softness under your feet to sturdy textures, and sizes that fit just right, you'll find it all here

Why Choose Our Modern Rugs For Your Home

Modern rugs aren't just a trend; they're a favourite. Easy to clean, fun to choose, and even better to show off - they're a hit in homes across Australia. They bring a room to life, making old spaces feel new and bland corners feel vibrant. More Reasons to Shop with 'Rugs n More
  • Quality First:  Every rug on our shelf is a promise of quality. We don't compromise, and neither should you.
  • Affordable Choices:  Looking stylish shouldn't cost a fortune. We believe in fair prices for fantastic rugs.
  • Delivery Across Australia:  Wherever you are, we'll get your chosen rug to your doorstep.

Become Part of the 'Rugs n More' Family Today

At Rugs n More, our mission is more than selling rugs. It's about adding warmth, style, and a bit of Aussie spirit to homes everywhere. So, whether you're renovating, moving in, or just looking for a change, explore our vast range of modern floor rugs. Here's to making every step in your home feel cosy and stylish. Dive in and find the rug that calls out to you! Huge range of modern rugs from Rugs n More. Browse online today and enjoy free shipping or pick up in-store. AfterPay is available for all orders.